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Hi, Welcome! So glad you stopped by :)

 I'm Joy, (well not really but my husband called me that once and it kinda stuck with me)

With this blog I will share how perfect my life is.

HA HA! Even if I try really really hard, and take really, really good photos I will not be able to pull THAT one off, not even remotely!

My real name is Johlize, we life in South Africa, in a house (we rent) on a plot of land with corn (mielies) cattle and fish eagles. My husband and I have been married for almost 10 years and we have three crazy/beatiful kids. a Daughter 6 year old, Son 3 years old and Happy Baby Boy 1 year old.

I'm a stay at home-mom, a designer, entertainer, cook, cleaner, teacher, judge, referee, crafter, diy-er organizer, decorator and I. am. happy!

We are not a perfect family by any standards! Sometimes my kids eat chocolate before breakfast or doughnuts for breakfast(gasp), when we take a break from schoolwork it takes us WEEKS to get back at it again, my closets is a mess, there's crumbs on the stovetop and dirty dishes in the sink, we argue and I yell sometimes (read: too much) but we are real and love each other despite differences and annoying quirks!

This blog is born out of a strong urge to live life more intentionally. I think it has something to do with me turning 30 and realizing how quickly my life has gone by..

I've come to realize that real joy is more important than anything else in this life. And creating joy for my family is even more important than THAT!

When I had to decide about what I want to write about I seemed to jump between several themes, but the thing is woman is not just organizing, or just cooking or just homeschooling.... Womanhood is about God, Man, Kids, Home, and anything and everything in between.

So this what I'll write about: REAL LIFE as a mom who tries to do everything right and fails miserably most of the time, but by Gods grace we will get on top of the laundry, get those closets organized, have time for bible study, live more natural, cook better, give the kids proper education and character training and find time for crafts and showers and dates! By God's grace we will have Joy in motherhood because it will be over much too soon!

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