Tuesday, March 5, 2013

5 things I save on by NOT buying the cheapest

I have always had this unwritten list of things I buy that is non-negotiable. I figured if I keep to these guidelines I actually save in the long run. See I am by nature very cheap! I love a great bargain but some things you just can't skimp on. So here's my list...

1.  Tea  - I never, ever, ever buy cheap tea. I buy the best quality I can for the most reasonable price. If I buy cheap, we end up not using it because its so awful or we have to use two teabags per cup just to make it strong enough. So I save by buying quality Tea.

2.  Dishwashing sponges - you know those with the scouring pad on the one side of the sponge. I don't use those when it starts getting dingy and gross! When I buy cheap sponges I can't get past using it about three time before its so completely ruined I HAVE to throw it out. So I buy the best quality on sale (of course) in that way it keeps longer and I save in the end.

3. Chicken - Did you know that frozen chicken is pumped full of water before its frozen? It looks big and plumb but when its cooked the chicken shrinks and you've got a pot full of water. So no frozen chicken for me I buy fresh and freeze it myself.

4. Crumbed chicken schintzels or steaklets - I buy the best quality I can find and keep to that brand. The cheaper brands has so much cereal and fillers in that I dont know if we can even call it chicken- anything! I also like to mince fresh chicken at home and use that in chicken burgers - recipe coming soon!

5. Frozen mixed veggies - when ever I succomb to the pressure of buying the cheapest brand of frozen veg I am always disappointed! I keep finding beanstalks on my plate!

This list is not extensive and I will add to it as I remember the rest of my list. But these are defnitely my non-negotiables. Yet it doesnt mean I buy most expensive!!! I have found the brands I like with trial and error and always look for sales on those specific brands.


6. Refuse bags: If you buy the cheapest you end up using two or three to prevent the rubbish from falling out. I buy the strongest, least expensive garden refuse bags for my household rubbish.