Monday, April 29, 2013

Do you know how to chop up a watermelon?

I didn't either! My mom used to cut it in slices like a loaf of bread and then peel and chop each.and.every slice. NOPE too much work and definitly too much trouble!

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Once, before I was maried I bought a watermelon and I couldn't face chopping it, so I stashed on top of my kitchen cabinet, (where I couldnt reach it without a chair - dont judge I had a VERY tiny kithchen). I completely forgot about it, and one evening I was cooking something and it E.X.P.L.O.D.E.D!!! Everything was covered in rotten watermelon beer!! eew! So I stopped buying watermelon altogether. But my kids LOVE it so whats a mom to do? (and I defnitly didnt want to have another melon-explosion!)

Here's the basics Three easy steps:

 work on the biggest tray you have with the sharpest knife
1. cut in half, then quarters
2. make slices in the flesh vertically and then horisontally like a # with out cutting through the skin
3. cut along the skin to seperate the flesh. scoop out and cut in to smaller pieces if desired.

You only have 4 big pieces of skin to throw away and it literally takes a few minutes to cut up!

For a busy mom, this is as easy as it gets! :)

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